Imperial Innovations rebrand as Touchstone Innovations

Imperial Innovations, one of Econic’s leading investors, have undergone a corporate re brand, with the company now operating under the name Touchstone Innovations. The change has been made in order to better reflect the broader supply base of Innovations’ opportunities they are commercialising across the ‘Golden Triangle’, which is the geographic area broadly bordered by London, Oxford and Cambridge. The company has removed the word ‘Imperial’ from their name in order to reduce confusion between themselves and Imperial College London.

Interestingly, touchstones were historically used to test the purity of gold or silver. In modern language, the term has come to represent a standard by which something is judged or recognised. The term therefore maintains a resonance with Innovations’ focus on science and the position that they hold as a leading technology commercialisation company in the UK.

Find out more about the rebrand and Innovations themselves here.

Author, Jack Fletcher