Econic attend Norner-led seminar on “Preparing for change” in the plastics industry

Econic were honoured to be invited to attend a plastic industry seminar entitled “Preparing for Change” on June 20 and 21 run by Norner to celebrate their 10th anniversary as a private development institute. Norner are experts in polymer processing and testing, and have a close relationship with Econic, in both our R&D endeavours and as early-stage investors.

The seminar included representatives from a range of leaders in the plastics industry, all of whom have a professional relationship with Norner, and focused on the delivery of sustainable polymer and plastics innovations. The talks presented addressed the various ways that carbon capture, storage, and utilisation (CCS/CCU) and realising a circular economy are being achieved industrially. Our work on transforming CO2 waste into a benefit was well received, and many fruitful discussions were had on the picturesque Norwegian south coast village of Langesund.

Our thanks, and congratulations, to Norner!

Author, Anthea Blackburn