Econic awarded Climate KIC incubation grant

Econic Technologies has received Climate KIC Proof-of-Concept Incubation Grant for its CO2-to-polymer technology.

The €50,000 from the European funding agency Climate KIC (Knowledge & Innovation Community) will support the on-going research and development program at Econic, in collaboration with researchers at Imperial College London.

This will also give Econic access to expertise and dedicated analytical facilities in the Chemistry Department of Imperial.

Andrew Burford, Entrepreneurship lead at Climate KIC, said:
“Carbon capture and use (CCU) technology, such as Econic’s CO2-to-polymer processes, is important for creating a strong and resilient carbon capture industry in the EU. Carbon capture can eliminate CO2emissions from coal and gas-fired power plants and other point sources and protect our climate.”

David Morgan, chairman of Econic, said:
“We are delighted to receive this grant as it will allow us to intensify our research efforts and to bring the technology closer to market. Creating value from captured CO2 has many substantial benefits, both environmentally and economic.”

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Author, Frank Norman