Co2nversations – Ian Dumolo & Fernando Valera

Ian and Fernando are key players in Econic’s Customer Demonstration Facility (CDF). Both have been instrumental to the successes achieved from the initial concept and design of the facility, through its construction and commission, and now in full operation.

The CDF, a first of its kind in the UK, is used to show customers the viability and scalability of our catalyst technologies and to accelerate adoption. Ian says: “We have used the most typical reactor design and downstream technology in the industry so that our customers instantly recognise and trust the equipment, which helps them to see how easily and economically our catalyst technologies can be retrofitted to their plants.”

“From a commercial point of view, the facility is invaluable in allowing us to produce larger quantities of polyol, which we can provide to customers so that they can see first-hand the value of incorporating CO2 into their downstream polyurethane applications.” Fernando continues: “Keeping up with customer demand is one of our biggest challenges, which is a great challenge to have! It’s a very exciting time for us. We have lots of customers in the pipeline who want to test polyols containing CO2 produced with our catalyst technologies, and we are working hard to meet their demand for samples.”

Early interest in the plant from polyol manufacturers and downstream polyol users has been overwhelming; further reinforced at our hosting of a site tour during this year’s 11th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit. This level of engagement is invaluable and a real boost for the Econic team. Now we are continuing to demonstrate the potential of our catalyst technologies and working closely with our customers to unlock the positive potential of waste CO2.

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Author, Anthea Blackburn