Econic and Manali Petrochemicals announce partnership to scale process technology

Manali Petrochemicals (MPL) and Econic Technologies have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the aim to introduce more environmentally friendly, CO2 containing polyols, into the $28Bn global polyols market.

Manali Petrochemical reports Q3 FY21 consolidated PAT Rs. 85.99 CrMPL signed a MoU with Econic Technologies to scale their catalyst technology that allows for the substitution of fossil based raw materials with captured waste CO2 in the production of polyols. The partnership involves, MPL and Econic collaborating to scale the technology at MPL’s pilot plant in India. On successful completion, this will be followed by the introduction of the process to one of the production trains in MPL’s main plant. The shared intent is to bring CO2 containing polyols to MPL’s customers.  

Muthukrishnan Ravi, Managing Director of MPL said:

“We are happy to be collaborating with Econic in the testing and commercial development on this green initiative that is line with our group’s vision of being a responsible corporate citizen.”

Ashwin Muthiah, Chairman of AM International, Promoter Group said:

“It’s an important step in the right direction. Sustainability of raw material supply and protecting the environment is critical for future generations.”

Keith Wiggins, CEO of Econic Technologies said:

“We are excited to begin working with the MPL team, the industry leader in India, to help them serve their vibrant and growing polyurethane market with sustainable CO2 containing polyols.”

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CO2nversations – Noushin Zaynalzadeh

The transfer of Econic’s technology, from laboratory, to pilot plant and then to a large-scale industrial production plant, is a process fundamental to the commercialisation of Econic’s world leading sustainable catalyst technologies.  Noushin Zaynalzadeh, one of our Process Engineers, is key in leading and managing the steps required to take our process off the drawing board and from the bench, and into reality.

Ensuring that the fundamentals of our process are captured in such a way that end users or engineering partners can translate them into pipework and steel is a key responsibility for Noushin.  The process must not only be captured accurately and efficiently, but most importantly safely.

“Working across many functions and teams within Econic, from research, process development and on to our Customer Demonstration Facility involves understanding a huge array of scientific and engineering concepts, which can certainly be challenging, but is also very rewarding. Add into that mix liaising with our external engineering partners to bring all of these pieces of information together into a cohesive framework – it certainly keeps me on my toes!”

As we move closer to the commercialisation of our catalyst technologies, Noushin’s contribution to such developments form a cornerstone of our ability to deliver the Econic technology to the market, helping our customers to realise the full potential of incorporating waste CO2 into their polyol and downstream plastics applications.

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Econic Technologies appoints new Chairman

UK-based pioneering cleantech company, Econic Technologies, has announced the appointment of Dr. Just Jansz as their new non-executive Chair to the board of directors to take the company into the next phase of business scale up.

Having worked in the chemical industry for well over 30 years, and holding a PhD in chemical metallurgy from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands, Jansz brings a wealth of global expertise to Econic. His previous roles include senior positions at Shell, Basell and LyondellBasell, and he is the founder and Managing Director of business and technology management consultancy Expertise Beyond Borders. As a former President of Technology Business at LyondellBasell, Jansz has extensive experience in the polyolefin industry and related value chains, in commercialising innovation and in monetising IP. He is currently serving as a non-executive director on the board of Synthomer plc, and is a senior advisor with Natrium Capital Ltd.

Econic has patented catalyst technology that transforms CO2 from a harmful waste to a valuable raw material allowing manufacturers to make some of the plastics we rely on today more sustainably; reducing cost and enhancing performance at the same time as reducing CO2 emissions.

Jansz succeeds David Morgan, who is stepping down from his role after a much valued seven years as the founding Chair at Econic Technologies, which saw the company engage the market, take its technology from the lab to a pilot demonstration facility, and secure funding from a number of investors, including renowned OGCI Ventures.

Dr Rowena Sellens, CEO of Econic Technologies, commented: “With his vast experience of working with companies of varying sizes, Just’s appointment is a great addition to Econic Technologies as we embark on the next exciting phase of scaling the business with our customer partners. We are delighted to welcome him on board as Chair and to benefit from the experience he adds to the Econic team. Meanwhile, I want to say a huge thank you to David who has guided us through our journey so far.”

Kelsey Lynn Skinner, Investor Director, said: “We are thrilled with this appointment of Dr. Just Jansz as Econic Technologies’ chairman. Just brings a mix of industry knowledge and a wealth of experience at the board level, and we look forward to working with him.”

Dr. Just Jansz added: “I’m excited to be working with the team at Econic Technologies. The company has made formidable progress in scaling its unique technology, and I look forward to using my experience to help see Econic Technologies continue on its impressive growth path, successfully commercialise the technology and realise its full potential.”

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Co2nversations – Ian Dumolo & Fernando Valera

Ian and Fernando are key players in Econic’s Customer Demonstration Facility (CDF). Both have been instrumental to the successes achieved from the initial concept and design of the facility, through its construction and commission, and now in full operation.

The CDF, a first of its kind in the UK, is used to show customers the viability and scalability of our catalyst technologies and to accelerate adoption. Ian says: “We have used the most typical reactor design and downstream technology in the industry so that our customers instantly recognise and trust the equipment, which helps them to see how easily and economically our catalyst technologies can be retrofitted to their plants.”

“From a commercial point of view, the facility is invaluable in allowing us to produce larger quantities of polyol, which we can provide to customers so that they can see first-hand the value of incorporating CO2 into their downstream polyurethane applications.” Fernando continues: “Keeping up with customer demand is one of our biggest challenges, which is a great challenge to have! It’s a very exciting time for us. We have lots of customers in the pipeline who want to test polyols containing CO2 produced with our catalyst technologies, and we are working hard to meet their demand for samples.”

Early interest in the plant from polyol manufacturers and downstream polyol users has been overwhelming; further reinforced at our hosting of a site tour during this year’s 11th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit. This level of engagement is invaluable and a real boost for the Econic team. Now we are continuing to demonstrate the potential of our catalyst technologies and working closely with our customers to unlock the positive potential of waste CO2.

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Econic Technologies signs joint development agreement (JDA) with SCG Chemicals to develop high molecular weight polymers

Econic Technologies is excited to announce the signing of a JDA to partner with SCG Chemicals, one of Thailand’s largest integrated petrochemical companies and a key industrial producer in the Asia-Pacific region. Econic Technologies will work together with SCG Chemicals to develop processes to manufacture novel CO2-based high molecular weight polymers using Econic’s catalyst technologies and to assess application opportunities. SCG Chemicals’ independent subsidiary and polymer research and development firm, Norner, will also play a key role in the development programme.

The joint venture is one of a number of global partnerships Econic Technologies is engaging in as it works towards realising its goal to create value from waste CO2 across the globe. By working with polymer manufacturers and suppliers to help them make their products using carbon dioxide, Econic Technologies creates the potential to transform the sustainability of products in a variety of industries from packaging to construction. Its partnership with SCG Chemicals opens another route to take its catalyst system developments into mainstream use, with a focus on high molecular weight CO2-based polymers as a new family of thermoplastics.

The joint venture will expand Econic Technologies’ global reach as it continues to grow its ever-developing catalyst portfolio. Rowena Sellens, CEO Econic Technologies, commented: “This opportunity to work with a partner that sees the potential beyond CO2 polyols is a fantastic step forward in expanding the breadth of the applications possible, as well as showcasing the relevance of our catalyst technologies as we move towards commercialisation on a global scale.”

For SCG Chemicals, the opportunity will enable the company to develop new, more sustainable technologies. Dr Suracha Udomsak, Technology Business, Group Head, SCG Chemicals, commented: “This is an exciting milestone for us, allowing SCG Chemicals to collaborate with experts to create innovation that could offer a better living standard to society. This collaboration is an example of technological development that will create impact on both higher material performance and sustainability aspects.”

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The Times profiles the positive potential of Econic’s carbon utilisation technology

The impressive economic potential and environmental benefits of Econic’s catalyst technology, which turns captured carbon dioxide emissions into the precursors of plastic products, were featured in The Times newspaper on 19 August 2017. The profile marks an exciting new phase of activity as Econic moves to commercialise its first catalyst technology later in the year. As quoted by Rowena Sellens, CEO, in the piece: “the positive potential for businesses and the planet provided by Econic Technologies’ catalysts is huge – and so are our ambitions”.

The full article can be found on our website.

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Econic become official tenants of Manchester Science Park

Econic Technologies are pleased to announce that they are now official tenants of the Manchester Science Partnership’s (MSP) Alderley Park site. The new space, which boasts over 7,000 sq ft in laboratory and office space, as well as access to a range of cutting-edge analytical services, will offer the opportunity for growth as the company continues to develop and expand their portfolio of novel catalyst technologies for use in incorporating carbon dioxide into polyol- and polyurethane-based applications.

Dr Chris Doherty, Managing Director at Alderley Park, said “We are naturally delighted to welcome innovative new companies to the Park, but it’s equally gratifying to see our existing customers flourish and expand their operations. We have the capacity and flexibility to support this kind of growth and we’re pleased to see Econic Technologies doing so well.” Econic are equally excited about the opportunities this relocation and the MSP will be able to provide to the business.

Read the full news release here, and for more information on the Manchester Science Partnership visit

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Econic attend Norner-led seminar on “Preparing for change” in the plastics industry

Econic were honoured to be invited to attend a plastic industry seminar entitled “Preparing for Change” on June 20 and 21 run by Norner to celebrate their 10th anniversary as a private development institute. Norner are experts in polymer processing and testing, and have a close relationship with Econic, in both our R&D endeavours and as early-stage investors.

The seminar included representatives from a range of leaders in the plastics industry, all of whom have a professional relationship with Norner, and focused on the delivery of sustainable polymer and plastics innovations. The talks presented addressed the various ways that carbon capture, storage, and utilisation (CCS/CCU) and realising a circular economy are being achieved industrially. Our work on transforming CO2 waste into a benefit was well received, and many fruitful discussions were had on the picturesque Norwegian south coast village of Langesund.

Our thanks, and congratulations, to Norner!

Author, Anthea Blackburn

Econic contribute to Chemistry Meets Business event

Our CEO, Rowena Sellens, was privileged to take part in the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Chemistry Meets Business event held in Manchester on June 13 and 14. This flagship event of the RSC aims to foster a relationship between people at all levels of chemistry-using industry via a series of talks, presentations, competitions, networking, and the awarding of the Emerging Technologies Competition (of which Econic was a winner in 2014).

Rowena participated in the event as a speaker in a masterclass focussing on “Financing your growth – explore the support available and company successes”, where she shared her knowledge and experience on procuring funding and investments for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

More information on the event and the press release issued by the RSC can be read here.

Author, Anthea Blackburn

Econic are on the move!

Econic Technologies is relocating it’s operations to Manchester Science Partnership’s facility at Alderley Park, Cheshire. All business activity will take place at this location as of 23rd Jan 2017.

The move provides an exciting opportunity for Econic to continue it’s growth and will allow for further expansion throughout the coming years.

The new company address and  permanent telephone number can be found below.

Econic Technologies Ltd

Block 19S

Alderley Park

Nether Alderley

SK10 4TG

+44 1625 238  645

Author, Jack Fletcher